배 and 배

배 ~ pear

배 ~ ship

배 ~ stomach

배를 너무 많이 먹어서 배가 불러요 ~ I ate too much pear so now I’m full (literally “I have a full stomach”)

배가 흔들려서 배가 아파요 ~ the ship is rolling so I have a stomach ache (literally “my stomach hurts”)

흔들리다: to shake, to roll


2 thoughts on “배 and 배

  1. alodia

    ㅋㅋㅋ I just remember an inside joke in our class/department. Our 선생님 was explaining a proverb and was trying to explain that there are lots of words in Korean that has different meanings and made ‘배’ as an example. But we all laughed because her family name is also 배, so we declared that day that, for us, there are 4 meanings to 배 – ship, pear, stomach and our beloved 선생님.


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