When the sound of the mail man means “book delivery”

Today my TTMIK level 2 book arrived in the mail! The post stamp says it was sent from Seoul on the 9th of November. That means it has been just 8 days underway!

Normally I don’t bother running to the mail box, but today it was like the sound of the mailman was summoning me, compelling me to check what he had just delivered. My Korean-book-radar didn’t fail me. There it was: a silvery grey envelope from Korea.

Actually, I have already completed level 2, but I simply couldn’t resist the pre-order including greetings from the teachers and the postcard. From just briefly looking through it, I can already tell that the book includes more than what you find on the TTMIK website, which gives a good incentive to revise some things.

I will do a proper review of it in a later post, because it is already apparent that this book does deserve a review so all of you can see what the fuss is all about – if you haven’t already ordered it for yourself.

I am itching to look at it properly straight away, but first I must complete my law hand-in for Tuesday. Discipline 007, discipline…


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