TOPIK prep status 1

Status for 1-7 December 2012

My rules: no guessing during mock testing. In the actual exam, I will guess if I really have no clue.

Complete Guide to the TOPIK (beginner), mock test 1
2. December 2012: 어휘 / 분법 ~ 53 points

제 24회 (B)
2. December 2012: 어휘 / 문법 ~ 55 points
3. December 2012: 읽기 ~ 61 points

제 25회 (B)
7. December 2012: 어휘 / 문법 ~ 60 points

어휘 / 문법: 56 points from 3 tests
쓰기: no TOPIK, but language exchange
듣기: –
읽기: 61 points from 1 test

I didn’t manage to do one part of a test each day because my 5.15 mornings were harder than anticipated. I know, excuses, excuses…
I have started one more 읽기 from the TOPIK guide book, but didn’t finish it because I was too tired, but it’s in process. I think the rumour about the Complete guide to the TOPIK books is true, the questions they have chosen for those books seem to be some of the tougher questions from the old exams. I guess that’s a good thing, though, since if you can manage those ones you should be home safe at the actual exam.


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