Infringement alert!

Today I saw on TTMIK’s facebook site that someone has marketed TTMIK’s lessons as a work book on Amazon.

I therefore want to give new Korean learners who are not familiar with all of the official materials a heads up:

The book you find through this link is an infringement! It’s someone piggybacking on TTMIK’s hard work.

The original books you find HERE.

I will try not to get carried away and pull out the heavy artillery for a discussion about intellectual property rights and stick to putting it like this:

– The TTMIK team has put a lot of effort into their material. If anyone should earn a profit on that work, it’s the TTMIK team.
– By buying the original work, you help ensure that the vast majority of their material will continue to be available for free – which we all greatly benefit from.
– The official books are very reasonably priced!
– Delivery of the official goods is super speedy.
– And for those who are feeling cheap, the individual lessons are even available for FREE on TTMIK’s website. Buying the book is a perk, a personal pleasure of having all of the lessons in a light and sleek book rather than a bunch of print-outs in a file. If you buy the original books, you also get additional material such as CDs and other fun material.

And now if you will excuse me, I have to fill in a pre-order for the original level three book before heading to my language exchange.


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