Word of the day: 반지

반지 ~ ring (jewellery)

금반지 ~ gold ring

Within the next few days I need to sign up for my MSc graduation (my first one, not law).

We don’t get hats for the ceremony, however, having obtained a degree from there I now have the right to wear the “economist ring” and I’m really considering placing an order for one. At first I thought having a graduation ring is a bit odd but it speaks in its favour that it doesn’t look like the graduation rings you find depicted on google.
Signet rings have always freaked me out a little – especially when middle aged guys wear them on their little finger. It makes me wonder if they have a “Blofeld cat” at home or why they don’t have a moustache to twirl while conspiring to conspire – which undoubtedly they do! However, this one does not look like those rings.

It looks like a wedding band decorated with little golden oak leaves. The goldsmith engraves the graduate’s name, graduation date (when your thesis grade was entered into the university IT system) and year into the inside of the ring.
That sounds kind of nice, doesn’t it?

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