TOPIK prep status 3

Status for 15-21 December 2012

제26회 (B)
15. December 2012 어휘 및 문법 ~ 50 points
15. December 2012 쓰기 (excl. essay ~ 30 points) ~ 34 points
15. December 2012 읽기 ~ 48 points

More info: I did this test while on a train.

Comments for the week
26th test: I would need a pretty high 듣기 score for that test to go well… Overall this test felt hard, but I’m not sure if that is due to the environment in which I did the test (train), lack of coffee, general lack of skill, or any combination of the above.

Other prep
After doing the 26th test I have not done more old papers, but focused only on the Sogang books to get a better grasp of grammar and vocabulary in general since I felt I was running my head against the wall using only old papers.
I think I will use the old papers as a way to check my progress rather than as my primary preparation.
I’m hoping to go through a looot of chapters over the holidays:-)


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