2012: the year I started learning Korean

2012 was the year that I started studying Korean. But I haven’t really been sure what would count as the starting date since I wanted to learn for quite a while and after I came across TTMIK it took some additional time before I actually started studying in a more organised way. Therfore I haven’t been sure what to answer when people asked me for how long I have studied Korean.
I have looked through notes and work books to see if I hadn’t noted down some dates somewhere, and I did manage to track down some dates.

So here are the key dates of my Korean journey:

February 17th: my mum challenged me to learn Korean after my first few TTMIK lessons. After that I started searching for info about TOPIK, books, and the possibility of attending Korean classes.

Time passed… I was searching for additional material online to see how much I needed to know for the TOPIK, writing to people in various countries and eventually found out about the Sogang books.

April 22nd: I ordered the first set of Sogang Korean books (which the post office misplaced)

June 21st: I completed TTMIK level 1 lesson 15. Before that I don’t know the dates.

June 25th: Sogang Korean 1A arrived and I started working with the books.

So I guess that means that I have studied Korean “properly” since June 2012.

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