Deciding to aim for a TOPIK level 2

As you know I have been targeting level 3 so far, but as we’re getting closer to signing up, I’ve changed my mind and will go for the beginner exam instead.

Sitting the TOPIK is actually going to be quite costly for me since I need to fly to another country to do so, and then coming home with a failing grade would feel like a great waste of time and money. The next opportunity to sit an exam would be in 2014, and waiting a whole year would be unbearable. Then I would rather take the beginner exam this year and the intermediate exam next year to “play it safe”.

Also, the TOPIK is not a well-known exam where I live so it would be a great deal more difficult for me to tell people how much I know based on failing an intermediate exam (even if it is known to be difficult among those who know TOPIK) compared to passing the level just below.

If I did nothing but study Korean, aiming for level 3 might not be impossible, but I’m not sure my uni grades would agree with that priority.

So there it is. I’m not going to win the bet with my mum, but hopefully I’m winning a passing grade instead.


8 thoughts on “Deciding to aim for a TOPIK level 2

  1. sydneytoseoul

    Fair enough, although Level 2 would also be an achievement! ^^

    Which country are you from? You are very dedicated to fly to another country to take the test! (Although my perspective of flying to another country may be skewed from living in Australia, which is so far from everything! ^^)

    1. koreanlearner Post author

      Thanks ^^ it’s a step in the right direction and every step counts ^^.
      I’m based in Denmark. I guess they think there are so few Danes who want to learn Korean that they cannot be bothered organising exams here. Luckily I don’t have to spend half a day on a plane to get to a city that does host a test, but it’s still going to be a little adventure 🙂

  2. Autonomous Korean

    I hope you at least have some time to enjoy your visit overseas!
    Is it not possible to take both levels on the same day? They used to stagger them so you could try 2 levels at once…

    1. koreanlearner Post author

      Thanks, I’m going to make a weekend trip out of it ^^.
      As far as I understand, the beginner and the advanced exams are usually scheduled in the morning and the intermediate exam is in the afternoon so schedulewise it should be possible to sit both. I’m not sure how ready I would feel for the intermediate exam after having had three hours of exam already, though. Have you tried sitting both the beginner and intermediate or advanced and intermediate on the same day?

      1. Autonomous Korean

        No, I just went for the intermediate… but I think some people went for two, one for insurance and one out of ambition…
        Personally, one test is enough for me in a day…

      2. koreanlearner Post author

        Ooh, I hope it went well ^^
        I’ve tried sitting two exams in one day in uni once, and let’s just say there have been days where I have felt less abused than that day…

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