TOPIK prep status 5

Status for 29 December 2012-4 January 2013

I completed a book and am now ready to start the next one. Victory!

Language exchange:
I have met up with my new language partner to introduce ourselves properly and we have arranged our first real meeting with a designated topic to be after my exam.
We’re going to discuss music and playing an instrument since both of us have apparently grown up with “playing an instrument” whereas in reality we probably didn’t play it as much as we should have for various reasons. It’s going to be interesting to hear someone else’s take on that 🙂
Have any of you experienced that as well?

This upcoming week will primarily be dedicated to a studying for an exam so I’m not sure how much Korean I will manage to fit in. It’s an open-book exam which I take to be a curse in disguise since that usually translates into “sure, bring as many books you can carry, but we’re going to make sure you don’t have time to look up anything but the weirdest little things that you would not know unless you had years of experience in the field – because that’s the only way we can distinguish between those who look up basic things and those who look up advanced things”.


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