TOPIK prep status 7

Status for 12-18 January 2013

Sogang Korean
1. Wrapped up the “accuracy work” in the appendix of book 1B. I’s amazing how some things can just slip from your mind and then you’re suddenly faced with it when you least expect it. For instance when to use sino-Korean vs. native Korean numbers. I thought I had that figured out. Well, that’s why this chapter exists… Repetition needed!

2. Started working in Sogang 2A, the first of the books entirely in Korean. I’ve been drilling 존댓말 like nobody’s business. I made the worksheet thinking that it’s better to be really comfortable with it before moving on than having to go over it all again from scratch in a few weeks.

Overall, it’s been a pretty good week; one of those weeks where I feel like I have learned a lot even though strictly speaking it’s actually just a few grammar points. You know the feeling that something somehow falls into place? that should also count for something 🙂
When I first saw that the 2A book is entirely in Korean (except for the tense indications in the work book which are written in both Korean and English), my first thought was “oh sh**, will I manage?”, but so far it hasn’t caused me great trouble and actually a slight change in the format of the vocabulary/grammar book from level 1 to level 2 took more getting used to.


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