Word of the day: 책벌레

책벌레 ~ a bookworm, a booklover

I love this word.

I have borrowed two Korean books for Korean 5th graders from my language exchange partner (more to come about this in another post). One of them has a picture of an amazing poster that has been displayed in Korea, encouraging Koreans to read more:

At the top of the poster there is the message 우리나라에는 책벌레가 없습니다 (in Korea there are no bookworms).
Just below, the center of the poster, there is a stack of books and someone has been taking bites of the edges! 😀

Right underneath the stack of books:

우리나라 성인 남녀 월평균 독서량 0.8권!
이런저런 핑계로 책을 멀리하고 있습니다.

Of course there is more text, but the above will do for this post.

How much do you read?


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