TOPIK status 8

Status for 19-25 January 2013

Sogang Korean
I haven’t progressed much for ‘technical’ reasons. I got to a 듣기 section and for that I obviously need the sound files. I got stuck in the process of transfering the CD’s to my iPad since my computer’s hard disk suffered a premature death in the autumn, and the contents of my iPad no longer correspond to the contents of my computer – and apparently the syncronisation function only works from computer to iPad and not the other way around. Argh!
After spending a few hours trying not to delete everything on my iPad, I decided to just put the files on my iRiver dictionary since it has MP3… Sure, that’s possible, and I managed to transfer them, but then the files turned out not to be the right kind of MP3 format and being a bit of a luddite, I still haven’t figured out how to convert them. I can play my TTMIK audio-books without any problems, but the Sogang CD’s are of a different format so they will appear as transferred on the computer, but they don’t show on the dictionary.
To be continued… If you know how to convert files from one format to another, please share!

Language exchange
I met up with my language partner and we ended up spending 5 hours together! I learned a lot about traditional Korean music and instruments which was really interesting, we discussed pronunciation and then we wrapped up with the oddities of Danish pronunciation.
I also borrowed two books from him (that he got from a friend who has taught at the Korean Saturday school at the embassy) and I have to say they look really nice. I promise I will post a specific post about them, I already have a draft 🙂


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