Book review: Korean school book: 읽기 5-1

As promised, here is the post about the Korean school books. Or at least one of them…
I find it really fascinating to see just a tiny bit of what Korean children go through in school and I’m sure that reading even just a few of the stories will be a boost to both my Korean skills and my understanding of Korean culture.

The focus of this post is a reading book for fifth graders, and I really like how it is made. Since it’s a school book it contains many different things, and each theme is supposed to lay a foundation for discussion. For instance there are poems, famous fairy tales, texts about historical events, and little assignments as you go along.

The front page:


See the illustrations, aren’t they cute? 😀



And a bit of history…


The book is still hopelessly above my level, and I need to look up so many things it’s unbelievable, but I really like the concept of the books. I don’t really remember the specific books I had in fifth grade, but I don’t remember them as being terribly exciting, and most of the books I actually read came either from the library or the book club that my mum signed me up for. Perhaps Korean school children aren’t impressed by these books like I wasn’t by mine back in the days? Well, in any case it’s interesting to “re-experience” school books as an adult.


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    1. koreanlearner Post author

      Oh, I used the same size as I usually do (“medium”) for uploading 😦 I’m a bit afraid that if I upload very large pictures they will take a lot of space on the site and then I cannot upload so many pictures in the long run. I hope it’s not too bothersome for you to click on the pictures you want to see more closely – that should give a full screen view.


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