Milestone: 백일

Yesterday Koreanstudentblog turned 100 days!
And today I received my stamped TOPIK registration slip from the Korean Embassy. So that’s TWO big events for my Korean journey – all in one week! 🙂

So what has happened so far?

Blog specs:
Posts: 108
Views: 2,761
Views on best day: 149 (whoa!)
Comments: 106 of which I wrote 50
Subscribers: 33

About you guys:
Country of origin: gosh, where to start? People from 56 countries have stopped by so far!

Top 10 countries:
1. USA: 447 views
2. Korea: 311 views
3. Denmark: 297 views
4. Philippines: 285 views
5. Singapore: 280 views
6. United Kingdom: 126 views
7. Malaysia: 124 views
8. Australia: 119 views
9. Vietnam: 102 views
10. Germany: 69 views

Top 5 commenters:
1. Alodia from My Korean Corner
2. Alli from Blue Hanbok
3. David from Autonomous Korean
4. Lan from Swanlake 1701
5. Kay from My Korean Notebook

Thank you so much everyone for stopping by to read, comment, and like 🙂 I always enjoy hearing from you and seeing which posts you find particularly useful or enjoyable to read.

Remember that if you have any requests for posts, just let me know!

Do you have any ideas for how to celebrate the 100 day of a blog? 😀 (besides studying Korean ;-))


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