TOPIK prep status 9

Status for 26 January – 8 February 2013

So this status covers two weeks because I’ve been really busy. Except for my Korean exchange and watching 내 이름은 김삼순 while ironing, my week has been focused on uni work only. Sad, isn’t it?

Sogang books
I was acrually quite efficient in the first week, but during the second week I got caught up in the said uni work. It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it… And that someone is me… Well, I like my study programme so I shouldn’t complain, but I just want to do everything! 빨리빨리!

I think I’m entering a “Sogang slump”. I open the books and feel less enthusiastic. Perhaps it’s because of my slow progress because I do not have time to complete so much in one sitting and when working outside a class setting you need to think more about “what must I do here” because there is no teacher to explain.
The books are on my desk all the time and every time I need to study something else I have to move them away, which makes me think “I should probably study some 150 hours more before the TOPIK”. My next university exam is going to be in early March and afterwards I will have much more time for TOPIK prep so feeling guilty just looking at the books is no use.
Therefore I think I might let the Sogang books rest for a little while until I have time to “work through” and in the mean time work in my TTMIK book and write more for my language exchange. Just for a week or two… That way I will at least feel like I get to use the language more actively and I will still learn something new.


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