Word of the day: 돌싱 ~ return-single

돌싱 ~ “return-single” (aka divorcee)

This I think is a bit of a funny word and it is one that you cannot find in a regular dictionary. It is a colloquial word that comes from the combination of:

돌아오다 ~ to return/ to come back
싱글 ~ single (English loanword)

In full it is: 돌아온 싱글, which is shorted down to 돌싱. So basically it is someone who returns to “singlehood”.

In Korea, getting divorced is still frowned upon in many families, although it is becoming more normal. Compared to “divorcee”, “돌싱” has some lighter connotations and smells less like 실패 (failure). If watching a match-making show on Korean TV, you might therefore have seen an episode dedicated to the 돌싱 rather than divorcees.


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