TOPIK prep status 10

Status for 9 – 15 February 2013

Sogang Korean
Nothing. And not a pang of guilt since that was planned.

I have been revising a bit in my level 3 book so I completed a couple of lessons.
I also wrote a couple of sentences at focusing on the “answer the question” assignments rather than the regular lessons.

Language exchange
This week I have met twice with my language partner, and I have tried to write more as preparation and make better use of vocabulary. As always, the next hurdle is to actually remember it all. I’m really looking forward to next week’s topic: bicycles. Here in Denmark practically everyone has a bike and you can even see bankers bike to work wearing their suits so I should be able to think of many things to talk about 🙂

It has really been a treat to just take it easy on the Korean front this week. I haven’t felt pressured by my Korean studies, I have been really efficient in my regular uni readings, and still I feel like I have progressed in my Korean.


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