TOPIK prep status 11

Status for 16-22 February 2013

Language exchange
In our first meeting this week we talked about bikes and differences in biking culture. What a topic for a Dane! Basically everyone in Denmark bikes; mail is delivered by bike, we have national “we bike to work” challenges, and children can even take voluntary biking tests, examined by the police, just like adults are examined for their driver’s license for cars.

People working in ministries as well as financially challenged students bike to work/university. One place my brother used to work, they even had a “company bike” that people could borrow if they had a meeting somewhere in town. There was no company car for the lazy, they could take the bus…

You can tell the moment spring arrives just by the look on the male students’ faces and the way they greet eachother that fateful morning: “The girls!” “They are wearing dresses! and biking!” “I know!!!”. It never fails haha 😀

In Korea they don’t bike as much as we do… I was very surprised to find out that in Korea biking is something you do as a leasure activity. It’s not an integrated part of life and not just another mode of transportation.
There was an “experiment” where biking lanes were introduced in Seoul a few years ago, but unfortunately some taxi drivers quickly adopted them as fast-tracks for when they were in a hurry so most of the biking lanes have been abandoned because they were unsafe. Biking along the river in the weekend is a popular passtime for many couples, though. Imagine my language parter’s surprise to see Danish parents zooming through traffic with a baby on the back of the bike. However, I would probably also think twice about the wisdom of strapping a child into a baby seat on the back of a bike if Danish biking lanes were regularly invaded by speeding cars.

The second topic was internet usage and addiction. Another interesting topic and one which is probably more global than biking.

I spent quite a bit of time preparing for these meetings 🙂

Nothing this week. Not good… Shame on me. But at least I have been working a lot on the language exchange.

I’m slowly entering exam mode for my next exam so that is taking up a bit of my energy, but I also try to make time for Korean. This week, I think I did pretty well 😀


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