Time flies

How did it happen?! The count down to the TOPIK says “1 month” now. Well, it’s not entirely true since it’s going to be on the 20th of April, but I think I stopped breathing for a couple of seconds when I saw that the count down had changed again.

I have great Korean study plans for March. My law exam is on the 7th and then I don’t have any classes until April because the rest of my class is doing an economics course that I have already completed. That leaves an aweful lot of time for Korean studies 🙂 There is still hope for my TOPIK score then 🙂

I’ve signed up to be matched with one more language partner through my university. Of course I will continue to meet my current partner, but he has his own courses to follow so even if I have more time during March, I cannot expect him to push everything aside to nitpick on my grammar. I still haven’t heard from uni, but I really hope someone signed up 🙂 fingers crossed!


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