Happy 정월대보름

Today I received an e-mail from Korea 🙂 I always love receiving mails! And I learned something new about Korea that I want to share with all of you.

Today is the 15th day in the lunar calendar, also known as 정월대보름. While not as important a holiday as 설날, there are some traditions associated with this day.

Make a wish
Tonight the moon is full and because it is 정월대보름, you can make a wish while looking at the full moon. I think that’s a lovely tradition – and I already know what my wish will be 😉

Sell your heat
Back in the days when Korea relied mostly on farming, many farmers would set the farm on fire on this day to fight harmful insects and to drive away evil. Nowadays that would be rather unpractical and society has changed. What people still do is to “sell their heat”. As summers in Korea are quite hot, it is nice to be able to keep cool. According to the tradition, if you ask friends or family to take your heat, you can have a nicely tempered summer.
I might be careful with that one… Danish summers aren’t known for their spendour so I would rather keep whatever heat I might get than give it away! 😀

As for the food, on this day people eat rice mixed with a lot of different grains and they eat nuts. Today isn’t my cooking day so I cannot really influence the dinner at this stage, but I can always have some nuts a bit later 🙂

So happy 정월대보름 everyone. I hope your wishes come true 🙂


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