Must focus & new language partner

This week is going to be a really tough one. So many things to do, some things beyond my control. Without going into more detail, it probably sounds a bit cryptic, I know.

One thing I can tell, though, is that I have been matched with one more Korean language partner 😀 we met today to introduce ourselves, went for a walk in the park behind campus and just talked a little. Beautiful weather 🙂

She’s going on a trip and I have my exam next week so we will start meeting in two weeks. We’re going to practice speaking! My greatest weakness. She would like to speak more English to feel more comfortable speaking as well so we both have an incentive to do something focusing a lot on actually getting the words out there.
I feel fairly confident when writing – not that I’m anywhere near perfect – but when speaking I sometimes feel like I lost my script somewhere and forgot to read up on my lines before losing it. Hopefully I will be more confident in a few weeks time 🙂

As a starting point we were thinking of using the TOPIK 쓰기 questions as topics. Rather than writing essays simply presenting the answers to eachother and discuss from there 🙂


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