New on blog: Blank TOPIK answer sheets

Hi everyone, I have added something new under TOPIK in the top menu since many of us are about to enter or have already entered the looking-at-old-exams-phase.

Something which I find a bit of a hassle when going over old exams is marking my answers. So far I have been using regular sheet of paper, writing the question numbers in one column, my answers in another column, and left a column for corrections.

However, it is so much easier to just mark the answer in an official sheet! Also, I was thinking that for those who are not TOPIK veterans, not being familiar with the answer sheet format can add to the stress on exam day.

Therefore I have scanned and uploaded the answer sheets provided in the “Complete Guide to the TOPIK” books (that is: beginner and intermediate since those are the ones I have).

The only difference between the levels is the essay sheet because the requirements for the length of the essay depends on the level of the exam you’re taking.

Please notice that for the past couple of years, there have only been 46 questions for the first part of the exam while in the answer sheets I have uploaded for the beginner exam, the essay question constitutes question number 47. Think of it as a curiosity…

Hopefully you will find them useful 🙂
Happy TOPIK prep everyone! 🙂


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