Favorite posts by other bloggers

I think it’s time for one more post in this category 🙂

Korean phone numbers, by Lan from swanlake1701:
Did you know that Korean company phone numbers often reflect the service that the company provides? It sounds fuzzy, but to give an example, a moving company will often use the number combination 24 because it is pronounced 이사 like “moving house” 😀
Check out the post and learn a lot more about phone numbers.

A peach a day keeps the ghosts away, by Archana from panjjakpanjjak:
Peaches have mystical powers according to Korean mythology. So make sure to eat a lot of them while you have the chance 😉
Read the entire post here.

Having questions about Korean? Why not ask the National Institute of the Korean Language?
This is a really good opportunity for those who can phrase their questions in Korean. Note that service is also used by Koreans. I found out about this from yet another post by Archana 🙂


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