TOPIK prep status 13

Status for 2-8 March

So here is the weekly study status post 🙂 a bit later than usual, but I have a good excuse! I just came back from the airport from my MSc graduation for my first masters degree 🙂 it was held in the city hall and it was a beautifully done ceremony. I’m so happy I decided to make the trip, it’s been such an exciting weekend. In the midst of exams and travelling, I have still managed to study a bit of Korean:

Language exchange
I met one of my language partners on Thursday and we talked about living abroad on your own. One thing is to live abroad with someone else, be it family or a significant other, but living abroad all alone – away from everyone you know, that’s something entirely different…

I’ve been going through some of the drama phrases from the Korean drama phrases sound book and pdf. What I really like about it is that it contains some things that are really handy in real life as well as some of the less polite things you may hear in a drama. So it’s pretty realistic in that sense. Also those “less polite” sentences come with appropriate “warnings” for learners 😀

It’s nice that for each drama phrase they go over the whole sentence, break it into the individual vocabulary, the most important grammar points, and also give example sentences so you can see the words and grammar points you haven’t heard before in one more context rather than just the drama phrase.


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