TOPIK prep status 14

Status for 9-15 March

I have put some of the original level 3 audio files on my dictionary and then I listen to them when I go to and from the station. I also have the files that come with the book, but when I walk somewhere I actually quite like to listen to all of Hyunwoo and Kyungeun’s bantering along the grammar points rather than the clean cut version that comes with the work book.
This has been a substitute for listening to Korean music while commuting.

Language exchange
I have only met one of my partners since the other’s schedule clashed with mine this week. The sacrifice that comes with afternoon/evening shifts at work. We have agreed that we will exchange mails instead so I’m really happy we can still ‘see’ eachother that way 🙂
As for meeting my speaking partner, my speaking skills are… close to non-existant. It’s bordering on shameful that I read simple things fairly well and my writing is also slowly coming together, but when I speak I seem to forget everything. Every week I hope the next will be better.

Sogang books
I think it’s time for me to revive them.

There is such big difference between hearing native speakers in real life and hearing them on audio files. Endings disappear, entire words may disappear (e.g. 아침을 먹었어요?), words merge, and it all happens about three times faster than in the audio files. Also if you meet in a noisy place it doesn’t sound as clear. Those moments I become thankful that there is no speaking part in the TOPIK because without it my chances of success have increased significantly… The TOPIK isn’t everything of course, but now I paid the exam fee, hotel, and plane tickets! I need to get my speaking in order, though.


2 thoughts on “TOPIK prep status 14

    1. koreanlearner Post author

      Actually I don’t really memorise vocabulary… At some point I made some flash cards (bought some plain business cards that I wrote on with a regular pen so no fancy software was involved), but I rarely use them now. Instead I read, I listen to a lot of audio files (and I listen to each file multiple times), and I write for my language exchange. I don’t sit down and actively try memorise glossary; if I need a word a lot, I suppose I will eventually remember it.
      I admit, though, that sometimes I look over the words I saved in my iRiver dictionary just for fun – I don’t know if that counts as “revision”.


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