TOPIK prep status 15

Status for 16-29 March 2013

I’ve been going over quite a few lessons. Listening to the level 3 audio while walking to the station in the morning and doing the exercises on the train on my way to and from work.
I’ll soon be done with level 3 🙂 this might seem rather slow, but I prefer to listen to the audio several times before moving on so I actually remember the material.

Language exchange
Both my partners are travelling and I have been working a lot so we haven’t met. I did write an entry for one of my partners, though. Now I just have to send it!
I have only just gotten a work plan for April so I haven’t even been able to ask my partners for new meetings before now.

In general
I cannot say how many hours of audio I have been listening to but it’s a lot! At times when you don’t have time to sit down at a table and study but have to do it on the go, TTMIK is a lot better than Sogang. Perhaps I should try to make a comparison of the Sogang system and TTMIK to see how many lessons I need to go through to go all of the grammar because the TTMIK system is a lot easier for me to fit into my daily life at the moment.

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