Did you know? “Being afraid” in Korean

Today I met my speaking partner and I learned so many new words and expressions.
We spoke about dramas! More specifically 최고다 이순신 and 구가의 서.
In the latter drama, “being afraid” is a recurring theme for the characters in the first two episodes that have aired so far so I found myself needing the words to say this. My language partner said the following:

겁을 먹다 ~ to be seized with fear, to be afraid

I looked confused at her. Did she really say 먹다? Yep! Literally, you “eat fear” to become afraid.

Without revealing too much about the plot of 구가의 서:
구미호는 무서웠는데 여자가 겁을 먹었어요 ~ because the gumiho was scary, the woman was afraid.


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