Post TOPIK thoughts

The exam is over so now what? Of course I haven’t yet received the score, but nevertheless I think it’s time to consider what should be my next milestone… The listening test is beginning to nag at my conscience, though.

Having some goal such as an official exam forces me to prioritise Korean in my daily life, and we all have so many things to do so I think it’s nice to have an “official” deadline.

That being said, learning more and more Korean and about Korean culture is still just something that I happen to enjoy, and I don’t have some overarching goal for my Korean proficiency such as “enter a Korean university by 2014”. That means I’m not officially in a hurry, but still I suppose my feelings towards my Korean journey could resemble those of marathon runners; even if running a marathon is a great achievement, who wants to finish two hours after the finish area has been packed up and everyone went home? I want to see some progress!

The next TOPIK will be in October which I think will be too soon for me. I am not going to have any summer holiday since I will be working full time throughout the summer so I will not have more time for Korean studies than I do during the university terms.
Also, regardless of the score I get in the beginner’s test, October will be too soon to sit the intermediate test, and I’m not sure, I want to go to London in October to sit the beginner’s test again just for the sake of comparison (disclaimer: I might feel differently when I see my score).
That means that I have a full year before the next exam.

As mentioned in the TOPIK post, I bought a book in London, and I plan to go through two chapters per week. That means I should be able to keep myself occupied for the next three months. Of course I’ll continue with the TTMIK lessons and Sogang.

Do you have any suggestions for another tangible goal that has nothing to do with a test?
Or should I just make a new study plan for the TOPIK in 2014?


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