Hi again everyone

Hello everyone!

I’m so glad to be back here, thank you for checking in even though I’ve been a bit quiet lately. And welcome to the people who have decided to subscribe in the meantime 🙂

The past few weeks have been super stressful for me. I’ve been working quite a bit (as usual) but my uni courses have been super demanding.
It turns out there is a course that the rest of my class has already done, but I never got to do because it wasn’t part of my prep-course package. Nevertheless, it is actually pretty essential background knowledge for the exam I will sit in June so now I have to read the book from that course too! Oh joy…

That also means that my Korean studies have suffered since the TOPIK 😦 I’ve just been too worn out to think straight and I know I would kick myself if I miss out on a decent grade in this upcoming exam – however monstrous reputation it has because it covers several subjects – because I was being all nerdy about Korean grammar which sadly just isn’t part of the curriculum for Danish tort or contract law… So now that we have all the excuses out there, let’s get back to the Korean talk 🙂

I already have a few drafts that need a work-over, including some wishes from some of you 🙂 I will slowly work my way through them so I can share them with you soon 🙂

열심히 공부할게요!


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