Korean Learning Log: Keeping the spirit up with Korean

Today studying Korean is almost therapeutic. I downright prescribe myself another chapter.

I don’t usually mention my work here, but today was a really tough day to get through. I don’t dislike working on weekends. It’s usually more quiet, we can get some paper work done, I can learn some new things from my 선배’s and ask odd questions because we’re not drowning in new assignments, and we can chat a little bit more over coffee.

But people who call outside regular office hours can be a little more… challenging… and today the reactions of a person I crossed paths with, even made me wonder if they have been the sole inspiration to the past decade’s worth of 막장-dramas.

Today, studying Korean (and biking some 10 km in spite of it raining cats and dogs) is a way for me to stay sane. Today I study not because I want to, but because I need to.


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