The odd food post

I like to cook, and I like to eat. Here are the results of some of my Asian food adventures 🙂
I hope they will inspire some of you for cooking up something nice for lunch or dinner one of these days 🙂

My language partner showed this picture to his mother and she praised them, which really made my day. I made three rolls for my lunch that day.

Filling: leftover 제육볶음 (stir-fried spicy pork), fried carrots, and blanched spinach seasoned with sesame oil. Maybe not traditional, but very good 🙂

Before frying and steaming. I made three varieties for me and my parents, and it took me three hours to prepare the fillings, fold all the dumplings, and cook them! I suppose people who cook these things often can do it a lot quicker…

Front: pork, vegies
Back left: vegetarian with mushrooms and some other vegies
Back right: siew mai with chicken – to be served with trout eggs.

A close-up on the ready-to-fry-and-steam pork dumplings:


This took a bit of time to make as well, but I forgot how long.
Filling (if I’m not mistaken): pork, cabbage, carrots, spring onion, a bit of wine to taste.
Actually, I used rice paper for these ones, but they look this way because they have been covered in beaten egg and then baked in the oven until golden.


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