Review: Korean note books

Basic information:
What: Korean note books
Brand: Komatorae / Barunson (

How many pages: 40 pages/book (a.k.a. 20 sheets of paper per book)

Purchased from: twoChois
Direct link to note books: click here
Price: $1/ book. Discount when buying 3 note books.

All the note books are standard school supplies in Korean elementary school.

The one to the far left is the “tiny space” book, the two in the middle are “10 space” and the one on top is a hanja book.

The covers are really cute, but why does everything also have to be so serious? 😉

10 tiny space: 국어 10칸
It’s a bit paradoxal, but the “tiny space” book is actually the one with the largest spaces.
This is a beginner note book for students to practice writing 한글. Each syllable gets its own space and a space is left blank when making a space between two words.
Every 5 lines are numbered although it doesn’t show in this picture.
The paper is similar to the type that the beginner TOPIK is written on albeit the spaces are a little larger and there are slightly fewer spaces per page than on the TOPIK answer sheet.


This note book is good for:
– beginner writers of 한글. More experienced learners might be a little annoyed by the size of the spaces.
– beginner writers of 한자 (who do not have a real 한자 practice note book – see below!), and who would like to have a bit more space than what is offered by a regular note book with lines.

10 space: 쓰기 10칸
In this note book, the large squares are split into 4 smaller ones.


This note book is good for:
– more experienced writers of Korean who write in “regular sized letters”.
– it could be used for TOPIK practice since every 5 (big) lines are numbered so that you know exactly how many syllables you have written.

Hanja note book
This was a present from twoChois 🙂 when they found out that I would like to practice writing hanja, they included a note book that is specifically desiged for that purpose 🙂 정말 감사합니다!

As you see, the spaces are different in this book:

Also, did you notice that even the year/month/day on top of the page is written in hanja?
There is a big space for writing the hanja character, and just beneath it there is space for writing the meaning of the character and the pronunciation.
Example: in the big space you can write: 學, and in the smaller space underneath you can write 배울 (meaning) 학 (pronunciation) 🙂

This book is a great supplement to the hanja book I bought last time on twoChois 🙂

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