Learning log: 17-23 June

This week I have been working full-time, but I have also been studying a bit of Korean.

I listened to some podcasts from level 4 when walking to the station (on days where I bike I don’t listen to anything to be able to focus entirely on the traffic). I also completed some exercises from the book in a quiet moment at work over a coffee.

Practicing writing makes me feel like a first grader again; meticulously writing every stroke, thinking over the apparance of the character, the meaning of it, and the pronunciation.
I completed one page in my new hanja note book 🙂

100 proverbs
This is a book from twoChois that I have not yet reviewed (I think I will have time to post one next week). So far I have been leafing through it and “strategising”. I started reading the first story on the train, but I cannot claim that I finished it. But it’s in progress.
It’s a children’s book explaining proverbs with small stories and with a bit of focus it should be manageable to finish a few stories per week. Let’s see how much I get done when I start working odd hours, though. I’m by far an evening person so on mornings when I have to be at the office by 7 am, I will have finished the first 3 cups of coffee by eight, so I might not be in a super studious mood by the time I get home.


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