Learning log

What have I been doing lately? Diligently studying Korean? Well, at least I have been diligent when it comes to carrying around my Korean books. Seriously, I’ve brought them everywhere in the hope of having a moment to sneak them out of my bag. I hope that a bit of knowledge has magically been drifting from my bag to my brain… well, that’s not likely, but a girl can hope!

I suppose you deserve a bit of an explanation for why I suddenly went so silent when I used to be a very avid blogger.

As you might have realised, I have been working like a mad person lately. I’m on a time-limited contract and since I don’t know if I’ll be extended or not (and I’m off from uni due to holidays), I’ve been trying to make the most of my time and my contract by working a lot. Mildly put, I’m “uncomfortable” with uncertainty when it comes to such important things. While I like “new challenges” and alternating assignments and whatever it’s called in HR-speech these days, I really dislike not knowing if I ought to be writing applications for another company already.

Working nights is dreadful for the body. Even though I’ve been making a point of resting during the day, by the end of my last night shift I was feeling physically sick. Making it home safely through traffic was a downright challenge, and there was no way I could study when I got home. I do not dislike the concept of night work, there is a special atmosphere, however I do not particularly like what it does to you after a while. Yesterday I had a day shift, feeling almost jetlagged since I couldn’t sleep all night (really, all night) after having had so many night shifts, and then tonight and Monday I have two more nights before I’m back on days for good three weeks. Then I have two more night shifts planned and then no more!

All has not been dreadful, though. My sister and her family has got a new puppy after the old dog passed away. She is sooo cute, but being a hunting dog, she is always up for a bit trouble if you don’t channel her energy somewhere useful. So far she only hunts toes, ankles and roses, but that’s more than enough!

Even though I have been away, a few new subscribers have arrived. And you have all checked in regularly anyway. Welcome to the new readers, and thank you all of you for dropping by! I have a few posts waiting and some pictures to organise for my next review. These posts will be published in this upcoming week 🙂

See you soon again!


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