Family visit

On Friday we had family visit from abroad. For the first time in 20-something years. My cousin is in town with her fiancé and naturally we invited them for dinner as soon as we heard they would be coming to Denmark. I think I have met her only once before, but I was too small to remember so effectively this was the first time we met “properly”.

Fun facts:
– She looks a lot like me. Well, we’re related, but still.
– She wears almost the same type of glasses that I do when she’s not wearing contacts.
– Her earrings were almost identical to mine. Exact same shape, but different colour and mine are made to hang while hers are made like studs. And no they are not typical.
– We used to do the same sport although I went to competitive levels.
– She studied law too, but we have different specialisations.
– After dessert we did a synchrone jump-and-run from the garden table when a rather large spider decided to join the party.
– She hates spiders but doesn’t mind snakes, like me. And like me she once had a picture taken with a big snake to prove it.
– Her fiancé used to teach English in a 학원 in 서울 so they regularly go out for Korean dinner, and we could talk about Korea!

What are the odds?!!

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