Korean learning log week 31 2013

This week went fairly well Korean-wise:

Sogang Korean:
I finished one chapter 🙂

All of the reading parts are recorded on the CDs that come with the books so to improve my listening comprehension I have tried to listen to the readings as well as dialogues before looking at the “scripts”. I was surprised by how well that went.

On a different note, I think the difficulty of the Sogang readings progresses nicely. If you look ahead in the books you will notice the jump, but when you reach the reading, you will have learned most of the vocabulary already through other exercises. Of course you come across new words, but it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

I read one of the texts aloud to myself. It sounds a lot better in my head than when I speak out loud. Must practice more!

Nothing this week. Next week I will work on this for sure. Looking over my hanja notebook, my writing has improved – a little 😀

I’m so happy I have actually managed to study Korean and really get something done. I have so many books I need to work through before the next TOPIK so I need to get a move on as well.


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