News too great not to share

Today I got my grade for the last of my preparatory exams and since it’s now confirmed that I passed, it’s finally official that I’ll begin my second MSc in just a few weeks 🙂 (yes, I’m a bit geeky).

See how many books and notes I brought for that one exam. 11kg worth of knowledge and it was over in 3 hours.


I’m so excited since the past year has been a lot of work and now it’s finally coming together. Passing these exams as well has having made it through all the coordination with TOPIK preparations and working a fair bit as well, I feel that I can finally relax a little and just enjoy.

You’re probably wondering if I never get tired of academia? Yes, sometimes, but that feeling usually goes away. Did I really plan to go through the gruelling experience of writing one more thesis when I handed in the last one? Nope, but right now I’m actually looking forward to doing it when the time comes.

It’s a great opportunity that I have been given, and I will try to make the most of it 🙂

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