The book in the bag in the bag

The middle “in the bag” was intentional 🙂

I often bring books with me, and one thing that surprises people is that I keep my books in bags in my bag. I don’t usually do that with very big and unhandy uni books, but for regular literature (especially if borrowed from my brother or mother!) and my Korean books I do.

Ready to go…

Some people make fun of it, others just find it strange.

I do it for a few reasons, though; If I stuff something into my bag while out, it lowers the risk of pages getting mangled because the bag will keep the books closed and organised nicely. If it rains a lot and I end up getting soaked while waiting for a bus or walking home from the train, I can rest assured that my books will be safe. I will dry, the books might die…

Dog ears (or “donkey ears” as we call them) are a strict no-go in my books. I use bookmarks. I got some really pretty Korean ones from my language partners, but otherwise postcards from family or a nice picture will do the trick.

A bit of Korean culture to spice up readings.

As you might have realised, I feel strongly about my books, and after putting most of my things into storage while living abroad for studies, my books were what I missed the most. I still catch myself going to a shelf, looking for a specific book only to realise it’s still in a storage and every time it makes me sad.

Whether to keep the future reselling price at a decent level or just to keep a less than ragged collection all to yourself, I think it makes sense to take good care of books. I have books that were left to me by my grandfather and they are pristine. Pages might not be as white as they were 50 years ago, but they are very well kept. Not as in “never read”, but as in “taken care of”.

How do you keep your books out of harm’s way?

2 thoughts on “The book in the bag in the bag

  1. darkfire382

    I need to start doing this. *0* I hate when mini dog ears are created on my books or when the edges start to wear down. It’s probably because of the dance party that happens in my bag when I’m not looking at it. I’ve never thought of doing this before. Thanks! 😀

    Those bookmarks are beautiful! ;-;

    1. koreanlearner Post author

      No problem 🙂 Haha that’s a good way to put it 😀

      Thanks 🙂 in the beginning I was almost afraid of using them in case they would be harmed in some way.


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