Learning log

Hi guys, what have you all been up to?

New app
Through TwoChois I came across an app called 끝말잇기 which is basically a game where the app will give you a word and you then have to use the last syllable of that word to make a new word. The app will then take the word you have written and find a word starting with the last syllable.
For instance 의사 – 사무실 – 실수 – 수결 and so on.
This is on time! If you fail to write a reply you lose.

There is something strangely addictive about this game although I have to admit that my memory sometimes plays tricks on me so I forget my vocabulary when the timer is counting down.
I have cheated a few times in the sense of thinking “oh no! Oh no! What to write? What to write?! Hmmm… What happens if I just add this ending?”
Does that count as cheating or as “constructively testing my Korean reasoning abilities” since I do look up the word afterwards if the app accepts it as one that exists?

I have started buying books for the upcoming semester. With the prices they are charging, I better do well or it will all have been in vain… So far I have bought for 2 courses: 5 books and 2 note books which adds up to whopping £309 / €362 / $483! And the best part: I have to buy for two more courses…
Now I’m happy I worked so much overtime over the holidays or I would have downright sat down and cried at the prospect of these expenses.
That being said I have still been moderately freaked out for about two weeks which in turn means that I have been focusing on these studies rather than Korean when coming home from work, which has frankly made me a bit sad…


4 thoughts on “Learning log

    1. koreanlearner Post author

      It’s one of those moments where you hope you heard wrong, double check the receipt, and leave the shop fearing what the price will be for the next batch of books

  1. alodia

    Thanks for mentioning the app 끝말잇기!
    I didn’t know such app exist. Must download it now!
    I’ve always wanted to play 끝말잇기 but got no one to play it with! 😦


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