Mini break with Korean

Aaah, I’ve taken a train two hours from my home town to relax for a few days with just my mum and my Korean books.

We’ve gone to a small, small town with only 3000 inhabitants (if you interpret ‘town’ very widely). Isn’t it pretty? 🙂

The city was founded in 1773 to be exact, so the sky line is a little different from the one we see in younger cities.

And like any small town, they have thing they are particularly known for. These people are renowned for their ceramic ovens and their honey cakes 😀

This is the oven in our hotel room

Honey cakes from the store on the corner

These cakes are really popular for Christmas. And yes, that is a small picture that is put on the chocolate. I have no idea why we do that, but it’s a tradition to put “glittery pictures” on “honey hearts” and then you remove them when you eat the cake.

Young girls often collect such pictures (or at least they did when I was young – back in the days before children went digital…), though not necessarily from cakes. You can get them without chocolate too 😉

So… Here we are… Just the two of us, eating honey cakes, taking pictures of the landscape and ceramic ovens, and reading our respective books.

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