App to read drama scripts in .hwp format

For a loooong time I have wanted to try to read some drama scripts to get a better feel for the difficulty and to see if the fact that it’s mostly spoken language would help on my understanding. Yes, I know they are considered “advanced”, but a small part of me hopes for the best.

Problem 1: actually finding drama scripts.

Problem 2: most are in a format I couldn’t read on my computer or iPad, and there is nothing like trying to download a program all in Korean that can make you realise how lacking your Korean skills are.

Solution: the HancomView app.
You can even get it for free in iTunes app store. You download it, and it works immediately. No signing up, no agreeing to various terms that you literally need to spell your way through.

You download the app, find a script that you would like to read/save, and then you just choose to open the script in HancomView rather than e.g. dropbox. And then it’s there! In proper 한글! rather than the gibberish “fjgm&3?!” that results if you try to open it in some random text viewer. It saves the entire script in one “document” and then each episode in a separate chapter in the overall document. Amazing!

One tiny oddity with the app: you might have to flip your iPad screen once to show the script in “standing” direction and then flip it back to be able to see the whole width of the page.

Then where to find drama scripts?
I have downloaded a few from

I will start by looking at something like 시티헌터 since that’s “regular language”. No need to get stuck in 사극 speech before I can easily manage something a little more contemporary.

When I have reached a higher level, I will buy proper printed scripts from twoChois drama section 🙂

Just had to share this discovery with you 🙂


2 thoughts on “App to read drama scripts in .hwp format

  1. 케쓰

    I actually did the same yesterday and found that site too. XD I tried to copy-paste the script from Hancom to MS Word but it didn’t work so I searched for a solution.. And just in case you’re interested, you may download and install this converter:

    Just choose which version is right for your computer. [ 32-bit: x86 version ; 64-bit: x64 version]

    After this, you can already open your .hwp file in MS Word! ^^

    I didn’t know Hancom has a free app at iTunes though. Thanks for sharing! 😀


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