Korean studies. Now also written in calendar

About 7.5 months to go until the April TOPIK.
If last year is representative, I should enter my pre-TOPIK crisis around late November-early December. But that also means I still have about 3 months left until my impending Korean crisis. Maybe some sort of preventive work is in order.

I have sat down and written my lectures into my calendar as well as scheduled uni-prep time. Once that was done, I started scheduling Korean studies too; in line with the thinking that by writing it into my calendar it will move up the priority ranking. Before being able to schedule something else in that time slot, I would have to move my Korean plan with corrector tape. That sort of emphasises the sacrifice…

Now all there is to do is actually following the schedule…

I’ve already had the first “sorry, I cannot on that day” experience. Not because of uni class, but because of having scheduled Korean the following day, and I wanted to be well rested. But it will pay off. Eventually…

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