Just gained time

This weekend I have just gained 12 hours ny not having to do something I initially planned. That means extra time for Korean 🙂

I might have to spice it up with some extra maths (I’m doing pretty well on the law readings, but I don’t even dare think of what would happen if falling behind in econometrics), but this is going to be a good “Korean-week”.

What I’ve done already:
– I’ve progressed with TTMIK
– Listened to an audiobook from TTMIK
– Written a bit in Korean over KakaoTalk

As for the group work, I have e-mailed my group and asked if they would like to meet. I figured that rather than being grumpy I might as well be a bit proactive and try to get it to work. And who knows, maybe they are even nice people… One person I couldn’t locate and another shared first name and last name with few too many for me to dare and guess an e-mail in the uni e-mail adress book.
So far one person has responded. One. In two days.


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