Face-off with facebook

I asked my mum to change my password and not tell me. My dodgy plan is to spend the time on Korean instead and not have to deal with people’s constant negativity on facebook. Korean for the win!
Not that I actually posted anything there for the past year and a half, but now I cannot log in and waste time that I could spend on Korean or even sleep if that is really what I need more than procrastination. I guess I will find a way to get info from my MSc class, there must be alternative sources of information sharing. I hope…


6 thoughts on “Face-off with facebook

  1. hana1220

    I deactivated my facebook few days ago. I feel free! I must figure out though another way to send and receive files related to school work. Now I must avoid using internet unless it’s for Korean learning purposes.

      1. koreanlearner Post author

        As long as you get to study both Korean and the academic things you need to and facebook doesn’t take so much time you don’t get to do stuff you like apart from Korean/uni/family/friends then that’s what is most important 🙂

  2. darkfire382

    I’m not the only one who is like ._. when it comes to FB?! YES! XD I’ve wanted to get rid of my account for so long, but I do want to keep in touch with some people. If it wasn’t for the group I’m in that communicates for events through FB, I’d probably never be logged in. I feel like it wastes my time and it’s either depressing, negative or just bleh. I’m probably going to check it once or twice a week now and use the time I would’ve spent on it on Korean as a break from college work. Haha, only us language learners would do this. XD Break from studying college stufff? /opens Korean learning materials/

  3. koreanlearner Post author

    Oh, no you are not alone… About a year ago I did a hefty clean-up of my friend list, deleting people from my exchange who I didn’t really know and those who never contributed with something remotely nice, and wrote to those whose company that I actually appreciated that I would be much easier to reach by mail or cell phone. I kept my profile for uni reasons so I could look at the groups for my year, but now it just bothers me… It’s too early to say how much I’m going to miss out on (and I probably won’t realise half of it), but so far I’m less annoyed, read more regular books, get a bit more sleep, and I don’t have to argue with my family about whether or not I waste time on facebook since now my family knows that I don’t know the password. At some point, I guess I will make the effort of asking for my password and then deleting everything and then the profile itself.


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