Word of the day: 꿀벅지 ~ honey thigh

Whenever coming across this word in a description of a Korean woman, I always found it just a tad strange. Right now I haven’t got the faintest clue how I and my language partner even got to talk about this so let’s just get to it. Basically the word comes from two different parts:

꿀 ~ honey
허벅지 ~ thigh

When combining the two words, the 허 is dropped so that the combined word reads 꿀벅지.

It is used about young women who have slim legs, but who are not downright skinny. More of a healthy-firm/slender type of leg – by Korean standards, which may of course vary from other corners of the world.

The singer-gone-actress UEE has been often been associated with this particular term, although, apparently she might not have honey thighs anymore…

I’ll end here before this post gets too odd…


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