Word of the day: 초콜릿복근 ~ chocolate abs

We will stick to physical descriptions for one more post 🙂 another term which I have never seen replicated in another language 😀

This is a term that drama/movie viewers have probably come across before:

초콜릿복근 ~ chocolate abs

It consists of two parts:
초콜릿: chocolate
복근: abdominal muscles/abs

It is often used about young men who have just completed their two years of army duty and therefore have abs as well defined as the pieces of a chocolate bar.

The story doesn’t end there ㅋㅋㅋ. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, beware: there is a certain “convention” that popular actors do a shirtless scene when returning from their army induced hiatus (cue not-necessarily-plot-related broody shower scene). Whenever someone fails to live up to that convention, people tend to suspect that the guy was probably working in one of the office positions rather than the combat divisions and so he would rather keep his abs safely tucked away under a shirt.

Or maybe they just realise that netizens can be scary and so they try not to add to the frenzy…? Who knows…


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