Freaking out about my Korean level

I’m trying to get back into a good Korean routine again and is there a better way than to look at old papers to spur you to study harder?

I opened the Complete Guide to the Intermediate TOPIK and randomly found this on page 179. To the left you see the Korean text and to the right is a translation. Let’s look at the translation.

[29~30] Listen to the following and answer the questions.
Cancer is the leading cause of death among Koreans. The high rate of smoking has been known to be a cause of cancer, but recently experts are indicating a lack of exercise can cause cancer as well. They claim that in addition to being good at preventing cancer, exercise can help prevent illnesses that arise from everyday habits and those that are prone to the elderly. If you walk or do some form of exercise for more than 30 minutes more than four times per week so that you break out in a sweat, your risk of cancer can be greatly reduced. According to one survey, half of Koreans don’t exercise once a week. If you can’t set aside any time to exercise, increasing your activity in your everyday life by getting off one stop prior to your destination when you take the subway or bus, going for a brisk walk after lunch, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator, will also help.

Oh – my – God…

I think my November/December Korean-depression just arrived early. So much vocabulary…


4 thoughts on “Freaking out about my Korean level

  1. camila

    Well, here depresed not only by Korean vocabulary but also by my lack of exercise.
    Cheer up, you uplift my Korean studies.

    Thank you for your posts.


  2. Korean Vitamin

    Your post reminded me, I had about 2000 flash cards on Anki that I made when I tried to read the Complete Guide to the TOPIK (I only read half of chapter 1). I got depressed just by looking at the folder’s title, I never reviewed any of the cards (too daunting for me), and finally deleted all of them. And I was happy again. I will try and read that book again some time in the future. Just not today. 😉

    1. koreanlearner Post author

      2000??! For chapter 1? I don’t blame you for considering that ‘daunting’. I’m sure that would be enough to get an official depression diagnosis. There are those moments where you think “Today is the day!… Oh, maybe not… Not tomorrow either… Or next week” and just go back to your regular grammar and vocabulary practice, hoping that next time you open the feared book, it somehow makes sense.


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