Reader question: -은/는요

A while ago someone asked me in a comment about adding -은/는요 and where in the Sogang books it is introduced. I had a rough idea, but now I have been looking through my books (every single page!) to find the exact point, and now I have an answer… Finally…:

In the grammar booklet to Sogang 1B on page 46 (in the vocabulary section) there is a note (one of the green boxes). -은/는요 is thus not treated as a separate grammar point, it is just introduced through actually using it in a dialogue.

For those who are not familiar with this, it is used to ask the same question back to a person who has asked you about something.

By adding -은/는요 to the person’s name, you can omit actually repeating the question since it’s already implied that you are asking the same question.
For instance if someone asks you what you did during the weekend and you after telling about your weekend ask “what about you?” in English, the other party will know that you are asking about their weekend. That is the function of 은/는요 🙂


7 thoughts on “Reader question: -은/는요

    1. koreanlearner Post author

      It’s a fairly intuitive point so I understand why they don’t spend a whole page explaining it, but it does make it more difficult to locate later on if you need to 🙂 How far are you in 서강? 🙂

      1. musicalarts98

        I just have the time to start my studies in the 서강 book and I’m still in the middle chapters of 2A. Since I’ve slow down my Korean studies for months, now I’m ready to go further. Had lots of help from your blog in the 서강 books when I’ve founded your blog. 😉

      2. koreanlearner Post author

        Then we’re at a similar point in the books 🙂 funny how you have also experienced a slow-down for the last couple of months.
        I’m really happy that the blog can help others 😀

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