Learning log

I’m recovering from the intermediate shock from yesterday and I’m back with 서강 2A. I really need to get going. No more procrastination-through-uni-excuses.

Today I am actually timing my efficient study time on my phone. Once I have put in a few hours, I will switch to my uni studies. Studying Korean first should ensure that I actually get around to it…

To do:
– wrap up chapter 3 and complete the 말하기 section in chapter 4. It should be fairly painless since I already know the grammar points so I will focus on vocabulary and pronunciation.
– numbers… They continue to haunt me. 8층? 팔? 여덟? I always have to think more than just twice about which one to choose! At least my language partner finds the Danish numbers difficult as well ㅋㅋㅋ. “the number pronounced as ‘half-sixty’? Yes that really is 50 and not 30… Obviously”.

Right now I cannot remember who wrote it so I cannot give due credit, but I remember another learner practicing numbers by counting lamp posts in the street, alternating between the native Korean and the sino-Korean system. Maybe that is what I should do on the way to the station in the morning. I have to walk some 2.5 km each way so there should be a few to count.


3 thoughts on “Learning log

  1. darkfire382

    “No more procrastination-through-uni-excuses.” I need to do this same thing and try to get in more efficient study time. I have a bad habit of disregarding everything that isn’t college. However, I also tend to disregard work for Japanese class too as in give it the least time and save it for last. Unfortunately, that’s been giving results that are below what I want. I’m starting to think maybe I should put Japanese first since it is for my intended major and this year’s material is more difficult than last year’s and thus more time should be dedicated to it. It’s kinda the same for Korean too. I should do some studying (even if it’s just a solid 30-minute session) and then get on to other things or else I will NEVER spend time on it.

    1. koreanlearner Post author

      I have neglected Korean a lot because of regular course work, I’m a bit shameful to admit. Languages are completely unrelated to my studies so there isn’t a natural point where I have to do it. The past few days I have done Korean first and then course work after. It is a lot easier if reading at home, though, to avoid carrying a lot of stuff. Of course course work is important, but it doesn’t have to consume one’s entire life. There will always be some related article that will be ‘nice to know’ but at some point just taking a break and doing something else would probably be better for one’s feeling of sanity. I can do the courses/work/sleep thing for a few months and then I *need* to add something to the mix.

      30 min per day adds up! And it’s a good investment if it’s your major. Also, if your profs think you do well, are super engaged in class and remember your name, chances are that if you ever need a recommendation you will get it. I once contacted a prof in a specific subject which was relevant for a part-time job application (requiring me to give the names and contact details of two people who would vouch for me) and when I asked if I could give her name, she remembered me and was happy to help even though I was just an exchange student in her class a year before.

      1. darkfire382

        “Of course course work is important, but it doesn’t have to consume one’s entire life.” This. I’m definitely learning this the hard way this semester. In the previous ones, I didn’t try as hard as I could since I was always busy and stressed from running around doing different things. In this one I guess I made my life too centered around college to the point where I haven’t played any of my instruments in MONTHS. That has never happened. This is a girl who would stare at her bass from across the room at 3AM (with school some hours later) and not be able to sleep unless she played something. XD Funny how I just finished reading your post on music and learning too.

        Wow, that’s great that she remembered you. 😀 Luckily, I’ve had my Japanese professor for three semesters- including this one -and she’s really helpful and encourages people to further their studies in Japanese. (If only more professors were like that. OTL)

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