I’m stuck at uni… As in literally cannot leave.

I’m stuck at school because of a storm. All trains cancelled, roofs flying, trees blocking roads and railways.

From a positive point of view:
-I brought home-made cookies with me.
-I brought my tort book for the train ride even though class is tomorrow. So at least I can read for tomorrow’s class, which is taught by a lawyer I absolutely don’t want to get caught unprepared by.

The less positive aspects:
-My Korean books and electronic dictionary are at home… And I’m meeting my language partner tomorrow about that essay… And I have class from early morning.
-Uni closes at 22 so the storm better be over then and trees cleared off roads and railways by then!
-I was planning to make slow-cooked spicy Korean chicken and now I don’t get to eat it 😦

I should probably just start reading before I get sucked into some vortex of self-pity.


6 thoughts on “I’m stuck at uni… As in literally cannot leave.

    1. koreanlearner Post author

      Thank you, I did. Thankfully the police said after 9 pm that it was no longer dangerous to drive for as long as looking out for trees in odd places so my brother-in-law drove to my uni to pick me up.

      1. koreanlearner Post author

        Haha true! The weather is getting more extreme everywhere it seems so they could be useful. Except for when running through a crowd trying to catch a train, maybe 😉

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